Hello World from the Wright Side!

This blog is lovingly dedicated to each and every person on the “Wright Family Tree.”  Nowhere on earth is there a more loving, giving family than this one.  A family that loves to laugh together, but will cry with you when you are in crisis.  We are not a “perfect family”  by any means.   We each have our flaws, but the foundation that we all flow from “was rock solid.”  Love flowed abundantly from that foundation and that is the  indestructible element that binds us all.  And when the things of the world creep in to put distance between us, it is the love and laughter that pulls us back together.  For this, we are blessed.

Our weblog will feature family photos, history, stories and genealogy in an effort to share the special love this family has been blessed to enjoy; and also to preserve our cherished memories and history.  We hope you will be blessed by visiting our site. Please visit often!

NOTE TO ALL:  Be sure to click on the “Previous Entries” at the bottom of each page to see the other posts or click on each individual name listed on the left top of blog pages.  I don’t want you to miss any of them!

Special note to the family: If someone has been left out, it is “only because I do not have the photos or stories to post.”  I welcome and encourage “all of you” to share your stories and your lives with the cousins you don’t get to see often enough!  Also to record our precious memories of all the people and events in our lives that have so greatly impacted us.  My hope is that we can use this site to keep up-to-date and that it will tap your memory bank, unlocking stories that would be otherwise lost!   I want to record those stories, so please share!  Send whatever you would like to be included on the site, for all to enjoy! 

Love to you all!


“Time cannot steal the treasures

We carry in our hearts

Nor ever dim the shining thoughts.

Our cherished past imparts.

Author Unknown


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  1. September 11, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    This is one of my very favorite photos. I love the people in this photo so much! You can look at this photo and see the woman that started it all, my Mammaw! There has never been a woman like her before nor will there ever be another one like her! She was in charge and everyyone knew it:) If she said it, it was a fact. No one has ever made me feel more loved than Mammaw and I miss her every single day of my life. She always made me feel like I was special! She had a straight line to God and her prayers were answered, everyttime!! I wouldn’t have John if she hadn’t “told God to give him to me!” I would have loved for her to be with us forever but at the end, it was obvious, it was time. She was ready to meet her maker. It warms my heart to know she’s up there “bossing” Pappaw, Uncle Dick, Uncle Winnie, Mike, Sherry Jo and so many more of our loved ones that have gone on. I still talk to her and she still gives me comfort. Sometimes she helps me find things I’ve lost:) But sometimes, I miss her so much my heart actually hurts! I love you so much Mammaw and I can’t wait to get to Heaven so you can boss me too!!

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