Congrats Kyle!

Kyle_Root Beer

Well… the little Root Beer lovin’ boy finally graduated!

Congrats, Kyle!

Kyle graduated this May from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Meteorology, along with a minor in Journalism/Broadcasting and minor in Mathmatics. 

What a great accomplishment, Kyle!

Now, go have a Root Beer!

Kyle_Graduation 09_2036

Happy 24th Birthday Kyle!


Today… I say Happy Birthday to Kyle!

Kyle lives life the way we should all live life.  I have always told him to “do it right the first time” and he has done that.  He embraces every breath he is blessed to take. Kyle is handsome on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside.  His strong, radiating, “love life and live life to the fullest” spirit blesses all who know him.  Here’s to you, Kyle!  Thank you for 24 wonderful years!  You bless us more than you could ever know.  (I will be writing more about my two incredible sons later!)


I Love You With All My Heart, Mom

kyle_wedding-picKyle (…where did those sweet little fat cheeks go?)

kyle_aimKyle with his beautiful wife, Aimee

kyle_cliff_hangingKyle, hanging out at the Grand Canyon…

Did I mention he is a dare-devil?  (Lord help me…)

kyle_24th_bdKyle, wearing the birthday sombrero at the restaurant!


You are my Sunshine…
My only Sunshine!
You make me Happy…
When Skies are Grey!

Our Newest Little Family Member! Meet Tiki!



Squeeky (that’s little Clynese) and Jon have a special new addition to their beautiful family.  Everyone… meet:

“Tina Kaye!”

What a “very pink” precious little angel!

They call her “Tiki” for short!  That’s too cute!

I know Teen and Jimmy are just BEAMING!


Tiki weighed 6 pounds 5 oz. when she was born.  She is 18 1/2 inches long.  She came into this world at 7:52 am on Feb. 3, 2009.
Squeek says:  “She is a really good, sweet baby.  Not fussy at all.  I feel so blessed to have her.  I had forgotten how magical it is to have a little infant around.  I am just head over heels in love with her.  🙂  We are both doing well.  I had a c-section, and they let me go home after only two days.  I was happy about that.”


Drop them all a note and congratulate them if you get a chance!

You are my Sunshine…
My only Sunshine!
You make me Happy…
When Skies are Grey!

New Photo of Sweet Ava


A sweet, new photo of Lee’s beautiful granddaughter, Ava (daughter of Richard and Lacey).  What a precious baby girl!

Yes, indeed!  “Simply Perfect,

Our So Very Pink, Sweet, Little Pig-tailed Ava!”

Hey folks!  Post a note to Lee!

A Couple of Our Military Men

Sara’s grandson, Richard, (Lee’s son), served a tour in Iraq.  He followed in the footsteps of his father, Hugh, who served in Vietnam.


richard_iraqRichard (left front)

Richard  honorably served with the 204th Military Police, Bladerunners in Baghdad, Iraq for a one year tour as an MP.  Richard was there during the period of time Saddam was captured:  an extremely violent time to be there.  We thank God he is now home safe with us, enjoying his beautiful new baby girl.

richard_armyRichard (right) in Iraq

richard_home-for-ChristmasRichard, finally home for Christmas!

Hugh (Photo Below) was stationed in Phi Bui, Vietnam with the 101st Airborne.  His treacherous job was to patrol the jungles, rivers, and deny the enemy access into Phi Bui.  This duty was a result of the successful capturing of Phi Bui in 1968.  Hugh honorably served his country in Vietnam from January 1971 to December, 1971.

Hugh and Lee (Sara and Dave’s oldest daughter), have a daughter, Chaundra;  a son, Richard (pictured above) and Teresa, their youngest daughter.


Both men saw combat during their time in service.  They served their country well.  We are all incredibly proud of both of them and will forever be grateful to them for their service and great sacrifice.  Words are, as always, so insufficient in expressing gratitude for all that “they and hundreds of thousands of others” have given.


adrian_armyjacketThis is Teresa’s son, Adrian, who is very proud of his grandfather and uncle!

Lee and Hugh’s Beautiful Family

lee_saraLee is Sara’s oldest daughter.


Lee and Hugh have 3 Beautiful Children

teresa-richard-chaundraLeft to Right:  Teresa, Richard and Chaundra


4 Beautiful Grandchildren Children

(G Grandparents: Dave & Sara;  GG Grandparents: Nathan & Icy)

Ava, Adrian, Mason and Sawyer


ava_mom_dadava_hospitalAva (Daughter of Richard & Lacey) She had a very rough start!

adrian_army-jacket-2Adrian (The son of Teresa)

mason_on-bike_croppedMason (The son of Chaundra and Robert)

Sawyer_RobertSawyer with her dad  (The daughter of Chaundra and Robert) 

Ron and Cindy’s Precious Granddaughter and Family

Ronny (Ron) is Sara and Dave’s middle son.  He is married to his best friend, Cindy and they have two sons, Nick and Wesly (Wes).  Nick is married to Debbie and their beautiful daughter is Callie (pictured below).
Callie, Ronny & Cindy's beautiful granddaughter (Nick & Debbie's little girl)

Callie, Nick & Debbie's little girl; Grandparents: Ron & Cindy; G Grandparents: Dave and Sara; GG Grandparents: Nathan and Icy

wes-schoolWes (Ron and Cindy’s youngest son) attending college and Air Force bound!


HEY RON!  HELP!  I need photos!

Larry and Mandy’s Beautiful Family

Larry is Sara and Dave’s oldest son. 


Larry’s always been a good lookin’ kid.  He looked like a little man when he was little.   And Mandy, his wife, is absolutely beautiful… they should have had a dozen kids, as pretty as their girls are!  (Now, don’t let this photo throw you!  Ha.  They were just having fun!)

larryfunny-family-pictureLarry is going to KILL ME but this is the only family photo I have!

Above Photo, Left to Right:  Shelby, Larry, Mandy and Kassi  (sorry, Mandy… but I love this photo!) (Brandi, the oldest daughter, is married and shown below as a baby)    Larry, send me some photos and I will replace this one…. if you want me to, or we can leave it up for fun, if you don’t mind!  Your call!   ; = )  But it’s a great photo!  Really!

icy_larry_sara_brandiLeft to Right:  Larry, Icy, Sara, Brandi (Larry’s oldest daughter)

dave_kassi_1990Dave with his granddaughter, Kassi in 1990


Kassi (above) and Shelby (below)



Beautiful girl!  Should’ve had a dozen!

Debbie’s Precious Grandbaby

debbie-grandbaby-04So Precious!  Look at that black hair!

Debbie, HELP, I need photos!

Cheryl’s Precious Granddaughters

Brianna Rae Marie

Brianna Ray Marie (@ 5 yrs. old): Parents: Brant and Christi; Grandparents: Norman and Cheryl; Great Grandparents: David and Sara Wilson; Great Great Grandparents: Nathan and Icy Wright


Caley Ann Marie (@ 3 yrs. old): Parents: Brant and Christi; Grandparents: Norman and Cheryl; Great Grandparents: David and Sara Wilson; Great Great Grandparents: Nathan and Icy Wright

Teresa and Mike’s Family

Teresa is Johnny and Verna’s oldest daughter


Teresa and Mike’s children are Billy, April and Melissa.

Billy and Jes have a son, Mason, and a new baby (details unknown)

April and Dustin have a son, Cameron.

Melissa has two girls, Brittany, 13 and Kendall.

Teresa recently finished her master’s degree!  Yeah!

I am looking for everyone…. ‘after seeing this pitiful post with no photos,’ to send me their favorite pictures and details so we can see everyone’s beautiful face!


Sunday, August 1962.  All dressed up for church! 

Front Row Left to Right:  Debbie, Teresa, Cheryl, Larry

Back Row Left to Right:  Icy and Michael