Lee and Hugh’s Beautiful Family

lee_saraLee is Sara’s oldest daughter.


Lee and Hugh have 3 Beautiful Children

teresa-richard-chaundraLeft to Right:  Teresa, Richard and Chaundra


4 Beautiful Grandchildren Children

(G Grandparents: Dave & Sara;  GG Grandparents: Nathan & Icy)

Ava, Adrian, Mason and Sawyer


ava_mom_dadava_hospitalAva (Daughter of Richard & Lacey) She had a very rough start!

adrian_army-jacket-2Adrian (The son of Teresa)

mason_on-bike_croppedMason (The son of Chaundra and Robert)

Sawyer_RobertSawyer with her dad  (The daughter of Chaundra and Robert) 

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  1. July 7, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    hi Richard how its going with you body , it’s me francoua the translator of 204th in Iraq , hope you still remember me . gosh man it’s been along time ha ? but i never forgot you and everyone who worked with me during Iraq operation freedom , can i ask you what happen to SSG Callahan or you can provide me with his email , i miss him so much same like i miss everyone in 204th company please email me on my email or give my email to SSG Callahan and SSG gorana if the spelling right . thank you and god bless you all

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