Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Paul

A boy by the name of Paul and his mother lived with Nathan and Icy for a time.

Paul loved to fix himself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


His moma feared that he was using way too much and would say to him, “Paul you’re using all the jelly!”

Paul would answer, “Maw, you mess with me, I’ll heap it up.”

Nathan and the Laugh Box

Remember the “Laugh Box” of the 1960s?

1960s Laugh Bag

1960s Laugh Bag

In the late 1960s or very early 1970s, Sara and Dave drove with their children to spend Christmas in Memphis.  They usually made the yearly trip to Tennessee during the holiday season.


Their youngest daughter, Cheryl had acquired a “Laughing Box.”   (The above Laugh Bag was a very similar novelty. )  It might have been a Christmas present.   It was just a simple square box with a big red button on the top.  When you pushed the button, a man started laughing.  A good belly laughing!  And he laughed, and laughed and laughed.

Laughing, as they say, is contagious.  Every one who heard it was reduced to tears, as they laughed along with the box and everyone else.  It would spark laughter wherever it went.

One person in particular who loved the Laugh Box was Nathan.  The box fascinated him!  It gave him the giggles.  He pushed the button over and over, laughing along with the box each time he played it.  He enjoyed laughing!

His granddaughter couldn’t bear to take it from him when the day came to return home.  She wanted her Papaw to keep the box because he enjoyed it so much and it “made him so happy!”

It’s easy to picture him now… pushing that button and belly laughing with the guy in the box!  And what a great laugh he had!


Nathan, with granddaughter, Cheryl (June, 1959)

The Bloody Goat


On a visit to Sara and Dave’s, Geneva and Joe discovered that Dave had bought a goat.

Dave was tired of trying to keep the grass cut and thought that a goat would be a great solution to this problem.  But, sometimes one problem leads to another, you know.

The goat actually did eat a lot of grass… but it also ate the neighbors’ gardens and even ate parts of their houses!  Not a good thing!  So, as you probably guessed, they decided the goat had to go!

Geneva was in the den and heard a noise on the back porch.  She opened the door and that’s when all  *&#%  broke out!   The usually very calm family dog had become aggravated with the goat and gotten rather aggressive with it.  The goat was bleeding all over the place!  A bloody mess!  And the goat wanted ‘away’ from the dog!

Geneva tried to shut the door but the goat wanted in!   It was coming in whether she wanted it to or not!  She put her hands on the goat’s head and was pushing as hard as she could as she screamed at the top of her lungs, “JOE, JOE, JOE… HELP, help… somebody help me!”

Everyone ran to see what the komotion was! 

billy_goat_buttingIt was the funniest sight to behold!  Geneva pushing on that bloody goat, screaming as she tried to keep it outside and the panicked, bleeding goat pushing back, determined to come in!

Needless to say, the goat ‘had to go!’  And you know… I think he was ready to leave!

A Typical Icy Comeback

icy_smiling Oh, Icy… how we miss you!

Icy was extremely quick witted and her mind was as sharp as a tack to the end.   She was so quick on her feet that she always had a clever comeback to send you reeling!

Icy was getting ‘on up there’ in age.  She went to the doctor and complained that her leg was hurting.  The doctor responded, “Oh Icy, it’s just old age.”

She said, “No it’s not, because the other leg is just as old and it doesn’t hurt! “

Now, who can argue with that?

Lee and Hugh’s Beautiful Family

lee_saraLee is Sara’s oldest daughter.


Lee and Hugh have 3 Beautiful Children

teresa-richard-chaundraLeft to Right:  Teresa, Richard and Chaundra


4 Beautiful Grandchildren Children

(G Grandparents: Dave & Sara;  GG Grandparents: Nathan & Icy)

Ava, Adrian, Mason and Sawyer


ava_mom_dadava_hospitalAva (Daughter of Richard & Lacey) She had a very rough start!

adrian_army-jacket-2Adrian (The son of Teresa)

mason_on-bike_croppedMason (The son of Chaundra and Robert)

Sawyer_RobertSawyer with her dad  (The daughter of Chaundra and Robert) 

Ron and Cindy’s Precious Granddaughter and Family

Ronny (Ron) is Sara and Dave’s middle son.  He is married to his best friend, Cindy and they have two sons, Nick and Wesly (Wes).  Nick is married to Debbie and their beautiful daughter is Callie (pictured below).
Callie, Ronny & Cindy's beautiful granddaughter (Nick & Debbie's little girl)

Callie, Nick & Debbie's little girl; Grandparents: Ron & Cindy; G Grandparents: Dave and Sara; GG Grandparents: Nathan and Icy

wes-schoolWes (Ron and Cindy’s youngest son) attending college and Air Force bound!


HEY RON!  HELP!  I need photos!

Reflection in the Mirror

This photo was taken of Jimmy and Teen, at the fairgrounds, looking into one of those funny mirrors that make you wider, or taller, or shorter, or thinner.  These two have always stuck together like glue!  One always there for the other.

The man who took the picture wanted to enter it in a magazine contest.  He was sure it would win..but moma said no!

The swimsuit that Teen has on was so small it would fit a doll perfectly!  Both were very small at the time.  Compare the size of the feather  that Jimmy is holding in his right hand to the size of their limbs.  They were both “no bigger than a minute.”


Teen (left) and Jimmy (right) laugh at their reflection in a mirror at the Fair!


Jimmy and Teen were both really good kids.  They never got into any sort of trouble, which doesn’t make my job easy, coming up with stories to make this weblog interesting.  If you have any dirt on them, please let me know!  Ha!
Oh, and by the way, Teen’s nickname was  ‘Whistle Britches!’  How she acquired it, I do not know (yet).  If I find out, I’ll let you know!

Nathan Becomes a Barber

barber-poleAfter he retired, Nathan had Sara’s husband, Dave, take him to Nashville to take a test for obtaining a license to cut hair.  After working for the Southern Railroad for over 30 years as a Watchman, he was ready for a change.  And there was nobody else he wanted to take him other than Dave.  He liked the man his daughter had chosen, enjoyed his company and it was Dave he chose to share this particular experience with.

nathan_barber-shirtNathan had cutbarber hair for people in the neighborhood for years for .25 cents per cut (…wouldn’t you like to get that deal today?)  He wanted to work in a barber shop though, and needed a license to do that.

They drove to Nashville.  Nathan was so nervous that he had to steady his scissors against his comb to keep his hands from shaking so much, even though he had cut hair most all his life. He could cut hair blind-folded!

Nathan was an extremely smart man but it had been a while since he had taken any kind of a test.  He was only able to go to school through the 8th or 9th grade because he was needed on the farm.  But, not to worry!  He passed the test with flying colors and was awarded his license that day.

Dave said he was as excited as a little kid… all the way home!

Larry and Mandy’s Beautiful Family

Larry is Sara and Dave’s oldest son. 


Larry’s always been a good lookin’ kid.  He looked like a little man when he was little.   And Mandy, his wife, is absolutely beautiful… they should have had a dozen kids, as pretty as their girls are!  (Now, don’t let this photo throw you!  Ha.  They were just having fun!)

larryfunny-family-pictureLarry is going to KILL ME but this is the only family photo I have!

Above Photo, Left to Right:  Shelby, Larry, Mandy and Kassi  (sorry, Mandy… but I love this photo!) (Brandi, the oldest daughter, is married and shown below as a baby)    Larry, send me some photos and I will replace this one…. if you want me to, or we can leave it up for fun, if you don’t mind!  Your call!   ; = )  But it’s a great photo!  Really!

icy_larry_sara_brandiLeft to Right:  Larry, Icy, Sara, Brandi (Larry’s oldest daughter)

dave_kassi_1990Dave with his granddaughter, Kassi in 1990


Kassi (above) and Shelby (below)



Beautiful girl!  Should’ve had a dozen!

Stockton Geneology

Mary Ann Stockton

Mary Ann Stockton

Joseph Stockton Headstone

Joseph Stockton Headstone

Francis Stockton, Son of Joseph C. Stockton

Francis Stockton, Son of Jone Clayton Stockton

Polk Dallas Stockton's Headstone

Polk Dallas Stockton's Headstone

Tennie Vance Stockton

Tennie Vance Stockton, Wife of Joseph Stockton

Alice Bohannan Hall Geneology


Bohannon Line, from Icy backward

Icy Hall Wright was born to James Thomas (Tee) Hall and Alice L. Bohannon in 1907 in Itawamba Co., MS.  Icy m. Nathan Delmar Wright, b. in 1902 in Woodville, Jackson Co., AL.  They married in 1925 in Alcorn, Claiborne Co., MS.  Nathan died in 1976 and Icy died in 1997 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN

Alice L. Bohannon, b. Mar 16, 1867 in Burlson, AL, died ?, was married to James Thomas (Tee) Hall, b. Dec. 20, 1866 in Itawamba Co., MS, m. Nov. 25, 1999 in Franklin, Monroe Co., AL, d. Dec. 1915 or Jan 5, 1914 in Burnsville, MS, buried at Whitehurst Cem., MS.

Alice: dau. of:  Bohannon, Louis Alexander, b. May 9, 1845 in Henry Co., GA, d. May 30, 1928 in Maud, Seminole Co., OK, buried at Woff Cem., Seminole Co. OK.,  m. Mary Ann Grant, on Aug. 6, 1865, b.Nov. 16, 1846, GA, d. Jun 30, 1900 in Burlson, AL.

Louis:   son of:  Bohannon, Eli, b. 1815 in Henry Co, GA, Henry Co. GA m.  Elizabeth Mercer, b. 1820 in GA.  Married on Mar. 4, 1841

Eli:          son of:  Bohannon, Beverly B., b. 1798 in Wilkes Co. NC, d. bef. 1860 in Newton, Baker Co. GA.m.  ?, Rachael, b. 1801, SC, d. bef. 1860 in Newton, Baker Co. GA.  m.?

(Bev?)    son of:  Bohannon, William, b. Abt 1775 in Wilkes Co., NC, d. 1815, Clark, GA. m.  ?, Barbara, b. abt. 1777

William: son of:  Bohannon, Duncan, b. Abt. 1752 in Orange Co., VA, d. 1811, Lincoln, GA

Duncan:  son of:  Bohannon, John, b. Abt. 1725 in Orange Co., VA, d. Dec. 1789, Surry, NC, m.  ?, Sarah, b. 1727

Duncan:  son of:  Bohanon, Dunkin (Jr. ?), b. Jan. 17, 1704 in Gloucester, VA, d. 1760 in Orange Co., VA

Son of:  Bohanon, Dunkan (Sr.?) b. Abt. 1675 in Gloucester, VA, d.  Feb/Mar, 1753 in Orange Co. VA, m. Sarah Elliott, b. abt. 1677

Son of:  Bohanon, Duncan, b. Abt. 1649
m. Dudley,  ? , b. abt. 1653

Sara and Dave’s Grandson, Kyle with wife, Aimee

Kyle is Cheryl and Norman’s youngest son and Sara and Dave’s grandson.  Kyle is a Meteorologist and wife, Aimee, works for a Law Firm.  They have no children to date.
Aimee, Kyle and Friends

Aimee, Kyle and Friends (Kyle, son of Cheryl and Norman Davis

kyle_aimsKyle and Aimee on their wedding day

kyle_aimee_Kyle and Aimee’s Engagement Photo

mamaw_kyleMamaw Icy loved those great grandbabies… and they loved her!

Pictured above:  Icy holding Kyle (left) and  little Timmy (right)

Debbie’s Precious Grandbaby

debbie-grandbaby-04So Precious!  Look at that black hair!

Debbie, HELP, I need photos!

Cheryl’s Precious Granddaughters

Brianna Rae Marie

Brianna Ray Marie (@ 5 yrs. old): Parents: Brant and Christi; Grandparents: Norman and Cheryl; Great Grandparents: David and Sara Wilson; Great Great Grandparents: Nathan and Icy Wright


Caley Ann Marie (@ 3 yrs. old): Parents: Brant and Christi; Grandparents: Norman and Cheryl; Great Grandparents: David and Sara Wilson; Great Great Grandparents: Nathan and Icy Wright

Sweet Uncle Dick


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