Reflection in the Mirror

This photo was taken of Jimmy and Teen, at the fairgrounds, looking into one of those funny mirrors that make you wider, or taller, or shorter, or thinner.  These two have always stuck together like glue!  One always there for the other.

The man who took the picture wanted to enter it in a magazine contest.  He was sure it would win..but moma said no!

The swimsuit that Teen has on was so small it would fit a doll perfectly!  Both were very small at the time.  Compare the size of the feather  that Jimmy is holding in his right hand to the size of their limbs.  They were both “no bigger than a minute.”


Teen (left) and Jimmy (right) laugh at their reflection in a mirror at the Fair!


Jimmy and Teen were both really good kids.  They never got into any sort of trouble, which doesn’t make my job easy, coming up with stories to make this weblog interesting.  If you have any dirt on them, please let me know!  Ha!
Oh, and by the way, Teen’s nickname was  ‘Whistle Britches!’  How she acquired it, I do not know (yet).  If I find out, I’ll let you know!

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