Nathan Becomes a Barber

barber-poleAfter he retired, Nathan had Sara’s husband, Dave, take him to Nashville to take a test for obtaining a license to cut hair.  After working for the Southern Railroad for over 30 years as a Watchman, he was ready for a change.  And there was nobody else he wanted to take him other than Dave.  He liked the man his daughter had chosen, enjoyed his company and it was Dave he chose to share this particular experience with.

nathan_barber-shirtNathan had cutbarber hair for people in the neighborhood for years for .25 cents per cut (…wouldn’t you like to get that deal today?)  He wanted to work in a barber shop though, and needed a license to do that.

They drove to Nashville.  Nathan was so nervous that he had to steady his scissors against his comb to keep his hands from shaking so much, even though he had cut hair most all his life. He could cut hair blind-folded!

Nathan was an extremely smart man but it had been a while since he had taken any kind of a test.  He was only able to go to school through the 8th or 9th grade because he was needed on the farm.  But, not to worry!  He passed the test with flying colors and was awarded his license that day.

Dave said he was as excited as a little kid… all the way home!


  1. Teresa said,

    January 9, 2009 at 1:37 AM

    When I was 15, Papaw cut my bangs for me. He used his clippers so that he would have a nice straight cut, he said… When they dried, they shrunk up about an inch above my eye brows which made me look like a real geek! I quickly left the room so he wouldn’t see me crying… I would never have let him know how upset I was with my new look! I thought they’d never grow back! Teresa

  2. January 9, 2009 at 6:45 AM

    Teresa, you never looked like a geek! You have always been beautiful but I’m glad your bangs grew back for ya! (A hair crisis can definitely be devastating!) Cheryl

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