Dick Attempts To Quit Smoking

smoking-main_fullThere was a time when cigarettes were advertised everywhere!  TV, magazines, radio… it was glorified, really.  Glamorized!  And lots of folks smoked.

Dick was one of them.  And as we all know, smoking is a very addictive habit.  But as time went by, the dangers of smoking became apparent and there was a movement that encouraged smokers to quit.  Dick found himself square in the middle of this movement.

He wasn’t thrilled.  He enjoyed smoking, but he vowed to give it his best shot.

Dick loved to stay busy.  He worked with his hands a lot, so this helped.  He was a crafted carpenter and would build things.  He made little miniature chairs for the little great nieces and nephews and birdhouses… along with other nice things. And because he was an engineer, everything he made was beautiful.  He always used the best materials and put all he had into each piece.

Well, as some of you x-smokers know, it’s hard to quit smoking.  His wife, Teen, and a few other family members had to run errands one day.  Dick decided he wanted a cigarette and it was a good time to discreetly one!   He went outside to the yard so nobody would smell smoke in the house.

backyard06He found a nice spot in the shade, just to the side of the house.  Standing near the hedges, not worrying a bit that  he would ever be discovered, he fired up the cigarette and inhaled. Nobody was in sight… and he was only going to smoke one!  “What would that hurt,” he thought!

He looked around and surveyed his yard.  Things had sure been dry that year. No matter how hard they tried, they had struggled keeping everything watered. The shrubbery and grass had really dried up from the extreme heat and no rain.  His yard was usually green and beautiful, but now “just an ugly brown!”

Suddenly… as he was enjoying his much needed cigarette, to his shock and surprise, his wife’s car pulls up into the driveway.  His family had returned and he was right in the middle of a good smoke!  They sure made a quick trip to the store!   He thought he would have enough time.  He looked around in a panic… he had to get rid of the evidence but there was “no time…!”   They were getting out of the car!

He quickly tossed the cigarette down on the ground, under the bush he was standing next to!

As the family walked towards him… the bush went up in flames!

bush_burningWell, needless to say, they all realized what had happened and had a good laugh.

And after that, teased him unmercifully about the “burning bush.”

They called him Moses!


Left to Right:  Jimmy, Icy, Teen, Dick

Oh, and by the way… maybe that experience helped him, because we are pleased to report that he was eventually successful and ‘did’ whip his long held habit… he was able to completely quit smoking, which made everyone who loved him extremely happy!  (And an additional benefit:  the “fire risk” around their house went way, way down.)

We sure do miss you… you always made us smile!