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This is some great research I ran across on the internet on the Stockton line, which ties in nicely to some of our Stockton lines.  FYI

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This page traces the ancestry of  ( mother’s paternal grandmother, Penelope Hightower Stockton. Penelope was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Stockton and Susan Hall and was born in Itawamba County, Mississippi. Penelope married Walter Shipman in 1895 in Hardin County, TN. To follow this family line back to Richard Stockton ca. 1640 in New Jersey click on the underlined link and follow it down the page. This Richard Stockton was the grandfather of Richard Stockton, who signed the Declaration of Independence as a Representative from New Jersey.

Most of the information is based on the work of  THE STOCKTON PROJECT, by Pam Jeglinski; FEB 2000. I did the research on the Andrew Jackson Stockton (my leaf on this tree) family with census records from Itawamba County, Mississippi, Franklin County, Alabama and Hardin County, Tennesse in the time period from 1840 – 1910.



jthallfamily(Our Bunch!)










danielsarahesamplehallAbove Photo Courtesy of Randy Mink




STOCKTON, Martha Caledonia b: c 1872 Mississippi m: 20 December 1888 Itawamba County, MS d: June 1901 Burial: buried in Wates Graveyard on TN river. Probably Lauderdale Co., AL Census: 1880 Franklin Co., AL

…………….+BELL, James Wiley b 1: 03 August 1866 Alabama b 2: c 1867 Alabama d: 01 April 1956 Memphis, Shelby County, TN Burial: 01 April 1956 buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Saltillo, TN, Swift Funeral Home, Osceola, AR. Census 1: 1910 Hardin County, TN Census 2: 1880 Winston Co., AL Census 3:1900 Colbert County, AL.

……… BELL, Mary Jane b: 31 October 1889 Tupelo, MS d: 21 April 1982 Sikeston, MO
…………. +GANT, Marvin b: 08 May 1884 m: 14 February 1909 Saltillo, TN d: 08 October 1963 Dudley, MO Burial: 11 October 1963

……… BELL, Della Safrona b: 12 January 1896 Fulton, Itawamba Co., MS d: 27 April 1974 Bessemer, AL

…………. +HECTOR, Samuel Carmack b: 07 June 1884 Dell, AR m: 31 March 1918 Dell, Chickasawba District, Mississippi Co., Arkansas d: 11 April 1940 Oakgrove, LA Census: Btn. 16 – 17 February 1920 p 112 Hector Twp, Mississippi, AR

……… BELL, Ella Icy  b: 21 April 1898 d: April 1985 Tennessee

…………. +GOFF, Alton

……… Bell b: June 1901 d: June 1901

… *2nd Wife of James Wiley Bell:
……. +PICKENS, Willie Timothous “Miss Moodie” b 1: 10 August 1876 Huntsville, Madison County AL or Waterloo, Lauderdale County, AL b 2: 1877 m: c 1905 d: 30 May 1964 Died in Waterloo, Lauderdale County, AL while visiting sister. Burial: 1964 Shady Grove Cemetery, Saltillo, Hardin, TN Grave #3115

……… BELL, Male b: 1906 d: 1906

……… BELL, Willie Rheba b: 03 October 1907

…………. +JOHNSON, Earl

……… *2nd Husband of Willie Rheba Bell:

…………. +PARNELL, Claude Charles m: c 1925 d: 30 April 1973 West Plains, MO Burial: Out from West Plains, MO

……… BELL, Jimmie b: 30 September 1910 TN d: 25 December 1985 at home, Bono

…………. +GOFF, Alma b: 19 June 1919 TN m: 03 July 1937 New Madrid, MO d: 1987 Portageville, MO

……… *2nd Wife of Jimmie Bell:

…………. +HOOPER, Alberta “Audra” b: 20 September 1911 Hardiman Co TN m: 13 August 1958 Paragould, AR

……… BELL, Johnnie Hampton b 1: 14 February 1913 b 2: 14 February 1912 d: 26 June 1956 Burial: 1956 Shady Grove Cemetery, Saltillo, Hardin, TN Grave #3113

…………. +Laverne d: c 1958

Andrew Jackson Stockton, b. ca. 1849 d. between 1891 (birth of Jackie) and 1900, Susan is a widow.Spouse: Susan Jane Hall b. July 1842 in Itawamba county MS – parents were William C. Hall and Adeline Green. d. unknown – appears in the 1900 Hardin county Census ( as a widow) living in the house of her single son, John Stockton and his brother Dallas, and sister Jackie. She is gone by the 1910 census.

Married 16 December 1870 at Itawamba, Ms.


  • Martha (Marthy) Caledonia Stockton, b. 1872 d. 1901 m. Dec. 20 1888 to James Wiley Bell in Itawamba county MS.
  • John W. Stockton, b. June 1876, m. 1907 to Fannie Parnell (b. Aug. 12, 1891 d. Dec. 1966) d. 1951 buried in New Lebanon Cemetery on the border of Tishomingo and Prentiss county, MS.
  • Oscar Stockton, b. 1877 d. unknown
  • Almeda b. 1878 m. John Worley August 9, 1896 in Hardin county, TN
  • Penelope Hightower Stockton, b. September 1881, m. Walter Montgomery Shipman, 29 December 1895 d. 1957, buried White Sulphur Cemetery, Hardin county TN 
  • Dallas b. May 1885 married (#1) to Elzie Smith she died in 1929 (#2) , Jensey Fields, d. 1954 buried White Sulphur Cemetery, Hardin county TN
  • Jackie b. Sept 1891 m. 1907 to Edgar Cresap (b. Jan. 1879 d. May 1967) d. 1955 buried White Sulphur Cemetery, Hardin county TN

John Clayton Stockton

Birthday: ca. 1796
Birthplace: Guilford, Nc

Mother: Ann Pattison
Father: Joseph Stockton
Sex: male

(mother of first 12 children is believed to be named “Jency” )

Note:  It is rumored that Jency was Native American but no clear evidence has been discovered, to date.

  • William Carroll Stockton born ca. 1827 at Itawamba, Ms
    William Carroll served in the Union army during the Civil War.
  • Elizabeth Stockton (2) born ca. 1829 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Juliann Stockton born ca. 1830 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Lowery Stockton Judge born ca. 1834 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Martha Stockton Twin born ca. 1836 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Thomas Stockton Twin born ca. 1836 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Martin van Buren Stockton born ca. 1837 at Itawamba, Ms
    Martin served in Union Army in Civil War, died May 12, 1863 in POW camp in Bolivar TN.
  • Mary Ann Stockton born 29 May 1838 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Wesley C Stockton born 29 May 1839 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Amanda Stockton born ca. 1840 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Samuel Stockton born ca. 1841 at Itawamba, Ms
  • John W Stockton born ca. 1842 at Itawamba, Ms
    John W. served in Union army with 17th Regiment / Connecticutt Volunteers.  Married to Rutha Watson, 10 September 1844 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Joseph Stockton born ca. 1845 at Itawamba, Ms
    Joseph Stockton served with the Confederate Army in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry.
  • Polk Dallas Stockton born ca. 1847 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Melissa E Stockton born December 1847 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Andrew Jackson Stockton born ca. 1849 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Francis Marion Stockton born 14 January 1850 at Itawamba, Ms
  • Married to Jane Hall, 8 October 1857 at Fulton, Itawamba, Ms
  • James Lafayette Stockton born February 1858 at Fulton, Itawamba, Ms
  • Died 6 November 1865 at Itawamba, Ms

 Joseph Stockton (9), b. ca. 1765, d. October 1844Spouse: Ann Pattison

Married 13 December 1787 at Guilford, Nc.


  • Daniel Stockton, b. ca. 1788
  • William P Stockton, b. ca. 1789, m. Sarah (Wid Eaton) Smith, 7 April 1818
  • Sarah Stockton, b. ca. 1791, m. Charles Pettit, bef. 1811
  • Joseph P Stockton, b. ca. 1793, m. Nancy, ca. 1820, m. Mariah H Stout, 1 March 1857, d. ca. 1865
  • Mary Stockton, b. September 1794
  • John Clayton Stockton, b. ca. 1796, m. Rutha Watson, 10 September 1844, m. Jane Hall, 8 October 1857, d. 6 November 1865
  • Elizabeth Stockton, b. ca. 1800

Daniel Stockton (4), b. 17 February 1727, d. 8 April 1804Spouse: Mary Clayton, b. 16 September 1735, d. 12 March 1818.

Married 2 January 1752 at Hardwick Mtg, Sussex, Nj.


  • Mary Stockton (11), b. August 1753, m. Richard Lundy, 16 June 1773, d. 6 April 1838
  • Sarah Stockton (14), b. 1758, d. bef. 1800
  • Elizabeth Stockton (13), b. 1763, m. Thomas Lundy, 17 March 1779
  • Joseph Stockton (9), b. ca. 1765, m. Ann Pattison, 13 December 1787, d. October 1844
  • Clayton Stockton, b. 28 August 1768, m. Nancy Patton, 20 January 1791, d. 25 January 1858
  • John Stockton (7), b. ca. 1769, m. Phoebe, ca. 1800
  • Content Stockton, b. ca. 1772, d. aft. 1800
  • Doughty Stockton (3), b. 8 June 1776, m. Elizabeth Perkins, bef. 1798, d. 29 December 1855

 Joseph Stockton (5) , b. 5 May 1697, d. 15 March 1770Spouse: Elizabeth Doughty, b. 17 March 1707, d. 9 December 1781.

Married 2 January 1725 at Flushing, Long Island, Ny.


  • Amy Stockton (2), b. 3 May 1725, d. 13 February 1777
  • Daniel Stockton (4), b. 17 February 1727, m. Mary Clayton, 2 January 1752, d. 8 April 1804
  • Elizabeth Stockton (10), b. 1 January 1728, d. March 1729
  • Elizabeth Stockton (11), b. 28 December 1729, d. March 1777
  • Mary Stockton (9), b. 22 December 1731, d. 20 August 1805
  • Joseph Stockton (7), b. 22 May 1734, d. April 1760
  • Hannah Stockton (7), b. 5 March 1736
  • Doughty Stockton (2), b. 19 January 1738, d. 30 November 1811
  • Samuel Stockton (8), b. 7 January 1740, m. Abigail Burr, 5 March 1777, d. 10 April 1816
  • John Stockton (4), b. 6 March 1742, d. aft. November 1777
  • Sarah Stockton (16), b. 2 December 1743, d. 19 October 1744
  • Sarah Stockton (11), b. 26 May 1745, m. Richard Stockton (15), 22 January 1768, d. 1 August 1813
  • Esther Stockton, b. 26 April 1747
  • Jacob Stockton Twin, b. 22 September 1748
  • Richard Stockton Twin, b. 22 September 1748/9, d. March 1750

Richard Stockton (9), b. ca. 1660, d. July 1709Spouse: Susannah Witham, b. 29 November 1668, d. April 1749.

Married 8 November 1691 at Burlington Mm, Burlington, Nj.


  • Richard Stockton (7), b. 2 April 1693, m. Esther Smith, 11 October 1717, d. March 1760
  • Samuel Stockton (6), b. 12 February 1694/5, m. Amy Doughty, 4 June 1719, m. Rachel Stout, 12 May 1726, d. bef. 12 December 1739
  • Robert Stockton (4), b. 3 April 1699, m. Rebecca Phillips, 5 March 1740, d. 1744/5
  • John Stockton (2), b. 8 August 1701, m. Abigail Phillips, 21 February 1729, d. 20 May 1758 ****This is the father of Richard Stockton, who signed the Declaration of Independence, as a representative from the state of New Jersey.****
  • Thomas Stockton, b. 1702/3

Richard Stockton (25), b. ca. 1640, d. September 1707Spouse: Abigail, d. aft. 1714Children:

  • Richard Stockton (9), b. ca. 1660, m. Susannah Witham, 8 November 1691, d. July 1709
  • Job Stockton (11), b. ca. 1670, m. Anna Petty, bef. 1712, d. December 1732
  • Abigail Stockton (6), b. ca. 1673, m. Richard Ridgway Sr, 1 February 1693, d. 1726
  • Mary Stockton (15), b. ca. 1673, m. Thomas Shinn (2), 6 March 1692/3, m. Silas Crispin (4), 28 December 1697, m. Richard Ridgway Jr, 11 September 1714
  • Sarah Stockton (10), b. ca. 1673, m. Benjamin Jones (2), 1 September 1693, m. William Venicomb (2), 12 May 1706
  • John Stockton, b. ca. 1674, m. Mary Leeds (2), 1704, m. Ann Knott, aft. 1715, d. 29 March 1747
  • Hannah Stockton (4), b. ca. 1680, m. Philip Phillips, ca. 1701, d. bef. 1710
  • Elizabeth Stockton (23), b. ca. 1683, m. William Budd (4), 2 February 1702, d. 1738 



  1. Erin Macias said,

    October 18, 2010 at 11:40 PM

    I am researching the Stockton name for my friend. I believe the JC Stockton is the one who married Sarah Cleveland on 2/25/1899. The 1900 census has his birthday off by two years, I think it is a typographical error. The Census contained many errors. I am very interested in Ruth Watson Stockton. Any information you have on her lineage would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. We are specifically trying to determine if she was Chickasaw. 🙂

    • May 8, 2014 at 6:16 PM

      I also am interested in Rutha/Ruthie (____/Myers/Watson) Stockton, 2nd wife of John Clayton Stockton. I descend via their son Francis Marion Stockton (Gr-gr-grandfather). For many years, I and numerous others overlooked the 19 March 1844 Itawamba County MS marriage of “Isaac Watson” to “Ruthie Myer” (Marr Bk 1, pg 232). This was followed shortly thereafter by the 10 Sep 1844 marriage of “J C Stockton” to “Rutha Watson” (Handwriting often misread as “Roetha”). This most likely occurred just after the deaths of Isaac Watson and of John C. Stockton’s first wife Jency (?Lowry? or ?Miliner?) Stockton — a widower and neighbor widow both with young children. Many also (as I did) have published incorrect data on the subsequent family. At least 4 — possibly 5 — children “Thomas,” “Martha, “Mary” and “Samuel” were NOT Stockton’s nor biological children of John C. and Jency Stockton … rather, they were “Myers” children of Rutha by her (?1st) husband, (Unk) Myers who probably died before March of 1844. 2 girls, Mary and Martha (apparently a twin of Thomas Myers), subsequently married their step-brothers, respectively William Carroll Stockton and Judge Lowry Stockton … they subsequently migrated to Illinois after the Civil War. A descendent of William Carroll Stockton from Ina, Illinois, did a prodigious amount of research on these Stocktons and established the connection of John Clayton Stockton to the Stocktons of New Jersey (via Daniel Stockton who migrated to North Carolina). Unfortunately, she made the same mistake as I in misinterpreting the 1850 Itawamba County, MS Census as to the actual biologic relationships of the children in the John C Stockton household. The “Mary” listed there on the 1850 Census was Mary “Polly” Stockton who married Josiah Hall. William C. and Mary (Myers) Stockton had already married in 1847 and were listed in their own separate household on the 1850 Census. The lady from Illinois did record the account of a child of Williiam C Stockton and Mary (Myers) Stockton about the trip to Illinois after the Civil War and who referred to “Uncle Tom Myers” accompanying them. In any case, after years of searching, I have yet to uncover further about Rutha. I don’t know anything of the possibility she was Chickasaw, although that could well have been the case. John Clayton Stockton was a land surveyor and a number of land plats in Itawamba County were laid out to Chickasaws after the county was formed in 1836, so there was likely some chance of an association. I would be most grateful to learn any additional info you turn up or to hear from you or others involved who might see this posting.

      • Cheryl said,

        February 10, 2015 at 11:41 PM

        David I apologize for the non-response. I am going to print your comments and make corrections. Very good research you have done and we appreciate that you have shared it with us. And we look forward to future posts from you. More later!

  2. ocala florida said,

    October 24, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    Nice tribute to a family. I love the last headstone!!

  3. Janet Grummitt said,

    January 2, 2011 at 5:25 AM

    I am nterested in the descendants of Rachel Venicomb, daughter of Sarah Stockton whose child was Robert Engle b 1738 who married Jane Sharp. Looking for a proven DAR ancestor number and lineage. Robert and Jane had Mary Engle b 1764 N.J. who died 1855 in KY. She maried John Victor (PA). They had Elizabeth Victor 1799 d 1854 who m Peter Elmore 1797 d 1859 which goes on in my KY Elmore/Cantrell line. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated since this research requires the long form for a DAR connection! Sincerely, Janet Grummitt, CA.

  4. David Conwill, MD said,

    June 20, 2013 at 7:07 PM

    Rutha Watson, 2nd wife of John Clayton Stockton, was the mother of my Great-great-grandfather, Francis Marion Stockton. “Watson” was apparently not her maiden name — I believe her to have been the “Ruth Myers” who married a “Jesse Watson” in the early 1840’s in Itawamba County. Among the 12 children in the John C. Stockton and Ruth Stockton household on the 1850 census, at least 3 of the children were not “Stockton’s” but were “Myers” children, including the twins, Thomas and Martha. Lowery Stockton later married his step-sister, Martha Myers. “Uncle Tom Myers” is referred to extensively in records of Lowery’s children and descendents who migrated to Illinois after the Civil War. The Civil War Record of John Stockton (Jr.) who served with the 17th Connecticutt Infantry is quite a saga, fully documented in his Union Pension files at the National Archives and in Confederate Records of the 3rd Mississippi Battalion (Hardcastle’s Battalion). John “galvanized” to Union service while being held as a Confederate prisoner at Camp Douglas, Illinois. However, he galvanized to the Union Navy and served a short time aboard the Frigate of the line USS Niagra before deserting and running north to Stamford, CT where he enlisted in the 17th Connecticutt. After the war, he enlisted in the Regular U.S. Army (21st U.S. Infantry as part of the Army of Occupation in Petersburg, VA), and then, after 3 years, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving at the Washington Navy Yard. He died near MAnsfield, Louisiana and is buried there.

  5. David Conwill, MD said,

    June 20, 2013 at 7:15 PM

    Correction to above: “Ruthie” Myers married “Isaac” Watson, not “Jesse Watson in Itawamba County on 19 Mar 1844. Just 6 months later, “Rutha” Watson married John C. Stockton. “Myers” was obviously probably not her maiden name either since there were Myers children in John and Rutha’s household. I’ve run across speculation on the internet that “Jency” Stockton was a “Lowery” but have seen no proof as of yet. I’m particularly interested in Rutha (Ruthie or Ruth) ____ Myers Watson Stockton since she was my ancestress.

  6. August 16, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    I believe the records I have researched over the past 35 years support the following: One of my great-great-grandfathers, Francis Marion Stockton, was the son of John Clayton Stockton and his second wife, Rutha ______ (Myers) (Watson) Stockton. “Rutha Myers of Itawamba County, Mississippi” was issued a land patent by the general land office at Washington, D.C. on 9 October 1845. This reflected her earlier purchase of land at the United States Land Office in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Among the many land patents for other ancestors and their kin I have researched, there appears to have been about a 2-year delay between the original purchase and the subsequent issuance of the land patent in Washington. In the meantime, Itawamba County marriage records show that on 19 March 1844, “Isaac Watson” married “Ruthie Myer”; about 6 months later, on 10 Sep 1844 “Rutha Watson” married “J. C. Stockton.” The etymology of Northeast Mississippi dialects often reflects a terminal “a” being pronouced as “y” or “ie” — for example. older members of the family often called my maternal grandmother, Ida Belle (McKee) Conwill “Idy.” I have even heard “Itawamba” County pronouced “Itawambie.” The upshot is that I believe researchers of the family of John Clayton Stockton and Rutha ____ (Myers) (Watson) Stockton have been confused over the years that some of the older children were “Stocktons” whereas it appears that “Thomas,” “Mary,” “Martha,” “Wesley C.,” and “Samuel” were, in fact, “Myers” children — Rutha’s children by her first husband. Mary and Martha Myers later married their step-brothers, William Carroll Stockton and Judge Lowery Stockton, respectively. Records shared with me years ago by a descendent of William Carroll Stockton and Mary (Myers) Stockton mentioned “Uncle Tom Myers” acompanying them on their move to Tamaroa, Illinois after the Civil War. Mary Stockton, on the other hand — daughter of John Clayton Stockton and Jency (Lowery or Milner/Milliner) Stockton, married Josiah Hall. Samuel “Miers” is listed as a “farm laborer” in the household of 78-year-old Sarah Chism near the John C. Stockton family and some of his step siblings and siblings on the 1860 Itawamba County Census. I do not know at present what became of him nor of his brother Wesley C. Myers. I am most interested in researching my ancestress Rutha _____ (Myers) (Watson) Stockton. Her children who she brought into her 3rd marriage to Great-great-great-grandfather, John Clayton Stockton were born in Tennessee. I will look for a marriage of Rutha to a “Myers” there. Also, I plan to look for later records on Wesley C. Myers and Samuel Myers. I find it most interesting that my Great-great-grandfather, Francis Marion Stockton was a half-brother to both John Clayton Stockton and Rutha ____ (Myers) (Watson) Stockton’s older children and his full siblings were their joint offspring Joseph Stockton, Andrew Jackson Stockton, Polk Dallas Stockton, and Melissa (Stockton) Collum. I have no evidence that Rutha’s first husband was connected to the Myers family in SouthWestern Itawamba County (Leodicia Conwill Myers’ descendents to whom I am kin through my maternal Great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Joseph Conwill of Newberry District, South Carolina), but I have not disproved a connection either. I am very interested in the name of Rutha’s first husband — also in what became of her apparently short-lived marriage to Isaac Watson. I had errantly assumed before the above records that Rutha was a “Watson” and possibly the daughter of a Jesse Watson simply based on supposition surrounding the 1840 Census and temporally-close tax lists. I will go back and check the 1841 state-conducted census of the county again and the 1843 Tax List.

  7. Jack Jones said,

    October 8, 2015 at 8:42 PM

    Have reviewed this web site trying to find more info on Jency Lowery thought to be 1st. wife of J. C. Stockton. Do you have any info in that direction.
    Have been doing research on Stocktons in Southern Illinois for many years. Attended Stockton reunion in August.
    Thank you for any help.

    • Cheryl said,

      November 26, 2015 at 11:05 PM

      Have no new info. Hope to have a professional researcher assist in researching her at some point! Can you provide us with information on the Stockton reunion please! Thank you for visiting our site! Keep in touch.

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