Doodle Bug!

Nathan had a nickname for Doc.  He called his brother-in-law “Doodle Bug.” 

docDoc called Nathan “Jelly!” 

When Nathan got off work, he and Icy would often load all the kids up in the car and make a track to the country to see Doc and Vivian.

nathan_icy_cigar_croppedBecause it was usually late when he got off work, they were often arriving in the wee hours of the morning.  On this particular trip, Nathan was not familiar with where Doc’s house was.  They drove around for a bit and growing frustrated and tired, Nathan finally picked out the house he thought was his brother-in-law’s.  He was sure of it… it just had to be Doc’s house! 

Icy said, “Nathan, that’s not Doc’s house.”

Nathan protested, “I think it is, Icy!”

Back and forth they argued about it.  Finally Icy said, “Well go bang on the door and see…!”

So Nathan pulled in front of the house and beat a path to the door.

“Bang!   Bang!   Bang!”  (…at 2:00 a.m. in the morning!)

“Doodle Bug!  Doodle Bug!  Get Up!  Open Up Doodle Bug,” Nathan hollered as he banged loudly at the door!

A very sleepy, grumpy man finally dragged himself to the door and said, “WHO IN THE WORLD IS DOODLE BUG?”  

Nope!  It wasn’t Doodle Bug!   Yes, as you have probably guessed by now, they had the wrong house!

I wonder if Icy couldn’t resist telling Nathan, “I told you so!”  (If she didn’t, I’m sure she thought it!)

Nathan explained to the startled, tired man who “Doodle Bug” was, and the man directed him to Doc’s house.

And if you are wondering where in the world Nathan came up with the nickname “Doodle Bug,” we can only guess.  My wild guess is that it most likely came from his workplace.  They used to call some of the trains…. yes, “Doodle Bugs!”

jellyroll1And “Jelly?”  Oh, that’s easy!  “Jelly Roll!”

Or was it from:   jelly-roll-morton-1923-24-posters1

Jelly Roll Morton – 1923/24




Doodlebugs live on in historical train information

Doodle Bug Train

Memories at the ATS… Doodle Bugs

doodlebug-with-wingsDoodlebug with wings!

Popular Music

“Doodlebug” or “Song of the Doodlebug” – U.S., 1928
Echoing the children’s rhymes of American antlion folklore, the lyrics of this song claim that a doodlebug can be enticed out of its hole by putting one’s mouth near its pit and singing:

Doodle, doodle, doodle. . . hop up bug!
Doodle, doodle, doodle. . . hop up bug!
That doodle jump up and look all around
and doodle back in the ground.

Originally performed by the Georgia Yellowhammers, the “Song of the Doodlebug” appears on several contemporary folk recordings…

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  1. Tim Edwin Wright said,

    April 21, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    My name is Tim Edwin Wright. My Father was Paul Wright. His Farther was J.D. Wright and His Farther was Dave Wright Brother to your Jack. The best I can determine Ardell Wright’s father was William Wright of Amherst Co. Virginia.

    He was the only Wright living in the bend of the Paint Rock River on the Madison County side in 1831. He owned Township 5 South Range 3 East Huntsville Meridian Section 32 E1/2 of SE 1/4. 79.79 1/2 acres. He married Jerusha Ann Connally in Madison County Alabama 5-16-1818. On the 1850 Census for Madison County Alabama, it listed an Wm. J and an Thomas A. (20 and 17 years old) living in William Wright’s hosehold. I believe Wm. J is Jack Wright the crippled cobbler and Thomas A. is our Ardell.

    William Wright’s father was Robert Wright of Amherst Co. Virginia. He served in the Revolutionary War and was active at the siege of Yorktown. Robert also married Keziah Bibb whose Daddy later became Governor of Alabama. His name was William Bibb.

    Robert Wright’s farther was Augustine Wright who married Alice Ball. He died in 1776 in Amherst Co. Virginia.

    In The Kennamer Family book it list Ardell as a member of Captain J.B. Kennamer’s “Union Scouts and Guides out of Kennamer’s Cove Alabama. He died in 1883 while living in Kennamer’s Cove Marshall County Alabama between Woodville and Grant.

    Reply to Tim Edwin Wright
    Thank you for posting Tim. I appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts on the ancestry. I have looked at William and Jerusha and researched them. The folks don’t quite line up unfortunately. And William Jack was not crippled. He was an able bodied farmer as far as I can tell. I will double-check that with his eldest grandchildren who knew him. It is a challenging line to say the least. Hope to be posting more soon. So stay tuned. And if you have anything turn up or just want to stay connected, please re-visit and post anytime. Take care. Cheryl

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