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“`)¨(´´´ | | | | | | | || |l±±±± |

¸,.-·-°´ ¸,.-·~·~·-.,¸ `°~·-. :º°
…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15

The Wedding Nyons

It was a special occasion.   Family and friends had gathered for Sara’s oldest daughter’s wedding.  Geneva and Joe had traveled from out-of-state to attend her niece’s special event.

The bride was wearing a simple but beautiful short white wedding dress (the popular style of the day).

Being the dutiful aunt, Geneva was busily checking over the bride and noticed that she had a run in her hose.


Geneva wasn’t going to have it!   She wanted the bride perfect.  So without hesitating, she pulled off her new “just put on” hose.  She gave them to the nervous bride and took the hose with the runner for herself. They weren’t so bad! The run was in the back so who would notice them on her?  Everyone would be looking at the bride!


Then suddenly, she noticed that the maid of honor had an “even worse runner” in her hose!  No problem! Once again she slipped off the hose she had just received from the bride and gave them to the maid of honor.


This is Geneva in a nutshell.

Uncle Doc Hall

Uncle Doc Hall was Icy’s brother.  He was a master carpenter and could craft anything you asked him to make. He made a beautiful cabinet for his niece, and to this day she will remind you he made it, if she gets the opportunity.  If you are looking for something, she’ll say, “Look in Uncle Doc’s cabinet!” Her husband once asked her, “When is it gonna be our cabinet?”


uncle-docUncle Doc  (Taken at a Hall Reunion)


Doc had a sweet wife named Vivian who he came to marry in a most unusual way. He went over to a neighbor who he knew had a daughter and simply said “I need a wife and I wonder if your daughter would like to marry me.” The guy called her in and she agreed, she left with him and they got married.  That’s all there was to it.

He loved her dearly and would give her anything she wanted.  Once on a visit, she decided she wanted a dress so we went to a small town store  and she tried on about 5 or 6 dresses.  When she finally was to the point where she had to decide on one, he looked at the saleswoman and said,”Wrap em’ all up!  She looks pretty in all of em!”


We were told another story about Doc when we were growing up.  He used to love to dance, so they would go jukin’  (juke boxin’).  One night they had a country singer up on stage singing.  Uncle Doc was enjoying it so much, singing out loud and dancing away.  The guy couldn’t help but notice, stopped the music and said “Mr. If you think you can beat me at singing come on up!” It was meant to be an insult, but Uncle Doc said  “Shore!” He immediately jumped up on stage and brought the house down!  Don’t recall how they said the singer reacted, whether he got mad, left or just watched until he was done.


He love all the kids and would do anything for any of them!  He was a mighty good man.

Geneva and the Cow Birth

On a trip to see Sara and Dave, Sara’s sister Geneva heard that one of her cows was “fixin to (as they say in the south) have a baby calf.” She said, “I want to see it!  I’ve never seen a cow give birth.” So they all loaded up and went to the pasture.  They hid in the bushes… and they waited.  Well, the poor cow was in a great deal of pain and she walked and she whined and she tried for what seemed like forever to have the calf.


Finally, Geneva had taken all she could take.  She was tortured, seeing this poor cow in agony and just couldn’t help suddenly crying out loud to the cow, “I wish I could help harder.”


Meeting the In-Laws

Sara made a trip with Dave, her fiance, to visit with her “soon-to-be” in-laws before their upcoming marriage.  They all sat down for a good ole country dinner together.  Along with Dave’s parents, his spirited grandmother, Mamaw Rhoda, was there.  They called her “Rodie.” She was a strong pioneer woman, kindhearted with a quick witted very good sense of humor.


Mamaw Rhoda “Rodie” Wilson

Although elderly, Rhoda was very able-bodied, lived by herself until she was about 97 years old and kept a nice garden.  Dave was close to his grandmother.  She took care of him throughout his boyhood and he loved spending time with her.  She enjoyed cooking and making hand-pulled taffy which naturally would appeal to a young man.  (Rhoda lived to the ripe old age of 99 years and 7 months.) With Dave’s family living in such a close-knit rural community, it was quite common for them to gather together for dinner just as they did on this occasion.


The dinner was “fried chicken with all the trimmings.” During the meal Sara noticed that Rhoda was eating quite a bit of chicken, but she wondered, “where were the bones?” Well, she soon found out.  When Dave’s mother, Bessie cleared the plates, there they were “UNDER Sara’s plate.” Being a blushing young bride and somewhat nervous in the company of her new in-laws, she became red faced.  But they knew what Mamaw Rhoda had just done and they all began to laugh, putting Sara to ease.

Chicken Bones 2


On another visit Dave’s father, David, discretely slipped a biscuit in Sara’s jacket pocket.


As she was leaving, he asked “What is that in your pocket?” When Sara reached in and came out with a biscuit, he said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were still hungry?”

Sara realized then that she was going to have to watch these folks carefully!  They were real kidders and she really liked that about them.


david-luciousDave’s father, David Lucious Wilson

Our Dear Uncle Abe

Nathan had a brother named Abe. No, his name wasn’t Abraham, and he had a hard time in the service convincing them of that.  They just couldn’t accept that it was just “Abe.”  Actually, he was born in a place called Paint Rock, Alabama and given the name of “Raybon Talmage Wright.”  He legally changed his name to just “Abe” and that is how we all knew him.


He was a bread man after service. He wore a uniform much like the one Jackie Gleason wore as a bus driver. He would bring us fresh bread from the bakery: “yum yum.” 



“Abe, sporting the uniform we remember so well.”

Uncle Abe and his brother, Nathan, could never finish their sentences before the other would answer. It was like Birmingham Brown in the movies (loved that routine). We went to a dime store one day to get a toy sword for our youngest son, Brian.  As we came out with the plastic sword we ran into Uncle Abe.  Using a favorite nickname he had for his brother, he said, “Nate, what are you…” and before he could finish his line, daddy said, “Abe, you spoiled my surprise for your Christmas.”  Then they both just broke into a big laugh.  Not to be outdone, Uncle Abe said  “Well, I got you the same thing.”


The Wrights enjoyed each other every time they were together. There was never a time that they met that there wasn’t lots of laughter and happiness from just being together. What a family!


Abe (center left) and Nathan (center right) were both “sharp dressed men.”


Abe’s paternal grandfather, Ardill, fought in the famous Battle of Chickamauga during the Civil War.

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