The Wedding Nyons

It was a special occasion.   Family and friends had gathered for Sara’s oldest daughter’s wedding.  Geneva and Joe had traveled from out-of-state to attend her niece’s special event.

The bride was wearing a simple but beautiful short white wedding dress (the popular style of the day).

Being the dutiful aunt, Geneva was busily checking over the bride and noticed that she had a run in her hose.


Geneva wasn’t going to have it!   She wanted the bride perfect.  So without hesitating, she pulled off her new “just put on” hose.  She gave them to the nervous bride and took the hose with the runner for herself. They weren’t so bad! The run was in the back so who would notice them on her?  Everyone would be looking at the bride!


Then suddenly, she noticed that the maid of honor had an “even worse runner” in her hose!  No problem! Once again she slipped off the hose she had just received from the bride and gave them to the maid of honor.


This is Geneva in a nutshell.

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