Our Dear Uncle Abe

Nathan had a brother named Abe. No, his name wasn’t Abraham, and he had a hard time in the service convincing them of that.  They just couldn’t accept that it was just “Abe.”  Actually, he was born in a place called Paint Rock, Alabama and given the name of “Raybon Talmage Wright.”  He legally changed his name to just “Abe” and that is how we all knew him.


He was a bread man after service. He wore a uniform much like the one Jackie Gleason wore as a bus driver. He would bring us fresh bread from the bakery: “yum yum.” 



“Abe, sporting the uniform we remember so well.”

Uncle Abe and his brother, Nathan, could never finish their sentences before the other would answer. It was like Birmingham Brown in the movies (loved that routine). We went to a dime store one day to get a toy sword for our youngest son, Brian.  As we came out with the plastic sword we ran into Uncle Abe.  Using a favorite nickname he had for his brother, he said, “Nate, what are you…” and before he could finish his line, daddy said, “Abe, you spoiled my surprise for your Christmas.”  Then they both just broke into a big laugh.  Not to be outdone, Uncle Abe said  “Well, I got you the same thing.”


The Wrights enjoyed each other every time they were together. There was never a time that they met that there wasn’t lots of laughter and happiness from just being together. What a family!


Abe (center left) and Nathan (center right) were both “sharp dressed men.”


Abe’s paternal grandfather, Ardill, fought in the famous Battle of Chickamauga during the Civil War.



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