Uncle Doc Hall

Uncle Doc Hall was Icy’s brother.  He was a master carpenter and could craft anything you asked him to make. He made a beautiful cabinet for his niece, and to this day she will remind you he made it, if she gets the opportunity.  If you are looking for something, she’ll say, “Look in Uncle Doc’s cabinet!” Her husband once asked her, “When is it gonna be our cabinet?”


uncle-docUncle Doc  (Taken at a Hall Reunion)


Doc had a sweet wife named Vivian who he came to marry in a most unusual way. He went over to a neighbor who he knew had a daughter and simply said “I need a wife and I wonder if your daughter would like to marry me.” The guy called her in and she agreed, she left with him and they got married.  That’s all there was to it.

He loved her dearly and would give her anything she wanted.  Once on a visit, she decided she wanted a dress so we went to a small town store  and she tried on about 5 or 6 dresses.  When she finally was to the point where she had to decide on one, he looked at the saleswoman and said,”Wrap em’ all up!  She looks pretty in all of em!”


We were told another story about Doc when we were growing up.  He used to love to dance, so they would go jukin’  (juke boxin’).  One night they had a country singer up on stage singing.  Uncle Doc was enjoying it so much, singing out loud and dancing away.  The guy couldn’t help but notice, stopped the music and said “Mr. If you think you can beat me at singing come on up!” It was meant to be an insult, but Uncle Doc said  “Shore!” He immediately jumped up on stage and brought the house down!  Don’t recall how they said the singer reacted, whether he got mad, left or just watched until he was done.


He love all the kids and would do anything for any of them!  He was a mighty good man.

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