Icy and Nathan’s ‘Half-a-Dozen’ Kids

Nathan and Icy had ‘half-a-dozen kids and loved every one of them.

wright-bunchLeft to Right:  Debbie (child), Clynese, Johnny, Sara, Icy, Geneva, Jimmy and Teen

The oldest was a beautiful red head, who caused guys to drive up on a sidewalk looking at her (still has it, too!).  Her name is Clynese. The next was Johnny.   He was like their daddy and could do ‘anything.’  (Still can!)  He and the next-in-line daughter, Sara, went to a lot of movies together.  Johnny always had Sara pedal the bike!   He could get her to do anything.  (Still can!)  Sara is equally as talented.

The next was a daughter who was ‘the life of the party’ wherever she went.  Nothing has changed.  And actually, ‘she IS’ the party!  Everyone loves to be around Geneva.  Sara and Geneva worked together at a store called Robinson’s in downtown Memphis.

And then there were the youngest two.   They must have watched the older ones and learned how to avoid trouble;  because both were very good kids.   They were always together (and still are).  Teen (the baby), having lost her wonderful husband, Dick, of 35 years, lives with Jimmy, who never married.  And big brother Jimmy takes care of  his baby sister ‘as he always has.’ 

What a family.   There was never sibling rivalry which is the result of having great parents and letting love ‘rule.’   Everyone should be ‘so blessed.’

Nathan… How much do you know about him?

nathan_studioNathan was born in Woodville, Alabama.  His mother was about 23 years old when she had him.  He looked like his father.

He recalled that his best birthday was when he was 23, just after getting married.

He said the tooth fairy never visited him when he was a kid.  Nor did he ever get an allowance.

It was his father who did the spanking when he needed it.  He said the naughtiest he ever was, was when he put his dirty feet on the churn to keep the lid down.  And yes, he got a spanking.

A man by the name of Mr. Thomas was very influential in his life, giving him a lot of advise.  And his advise to others was to always be honest and work hard.

He never had to go to the hospital for broken bones or stitches.  And he was never afraid of doctors.

He got around mostly traveling by horse, wagon and finally a car (right before he got married).  He never ran away from home but when he got frustrated at home, he would go visit his married sisters.

His favorite color was ‘blue.’  His favorite book was the ‘Holy Bible and mysteries.’  His favorite move was ‘Gone With the Wind’ and his favorite song was ‘John Henry.’   His favorite sport was ‘wrestling.’  His favorite hobby (…more of a passion, I would say) was ‘fishing.’   His favorite season was ‘spring.’  His favorite holiday was ‘Christmas.’  His pie of choice was ‘chocolate’ (must run in the family…)  His favorite candy was ‘peppermint’ and his favorite cookie was ‘sugar cookies.’  His favorite ice cream was ‘vanilla.’

His father had a bad temper and threw his plow in the river one day.

He rubbed a bee hive once with his brothers.  Notice he said it was only once….

He remembered that his dad got on to his brother one tiime for knocking his plate into the floor and his little brother looked up to his dad and asked him who was going to switch him!

Nathan said all the Wrights were happy, friendly people.

When he was growing up, they lived in a plain country house that had ‘no paint!’  They had a small yard.  The light in the house was oil lamps and they heated it with a wood stove.  They washed their clothese in a kettle over the fire.  It had 4 large rooms.

He said his mother and sister made one Christmas extra-special!  They bought him a lot of fishing equipment.

Nathan said the main thing he remembered about his mother was that she was always a thoughtful person.

Her cooking?  He fondly remembered her mixed vegetables.  He said she was a good cook.

When it snowed, they would make a snowman and of course, he had the duty of chopping wood.

He said the worst job he ever had was laying down railroad ties.  At one time, he also worked as a cook and had to mop floors for a living.

A funny story he recalled from the first year he was married was when he was going real fast in the car and ran off the road.  Icy said, “I guess you will stop NOW!”

They lived and had children in Burnsville, MS,  Corinth, MS,  Glenn, MS,  Winnasoga, MS,  and Memphis, TN.

He never made or handed out Valentines Day cards but said he did give candy and flowers to a girl.  (He didn’t name the girl!)

The Easter Bunny never came to see him but they would have a picnic on July 4th.  No firecrackers, though.

Nathan went to grade school at Mt. Olive, Alabama and went to high school in Glenn, MS.  He made good grades and his favorite subjects were History, Geography and Math.  He walked to school and he said the thing he thought about most was girls!

His family never went on vacations, so he didn’t travel when he was young.  When he was grown, he went to Washington State with his daughter, Teen and her husband, Dick.  They also traveled to Cleveland and Canada.  Nathan would go to the State Fair too.

When he started dating Icy, Nathan said his parents liked her right way!

Oh, one more thing.  They called him Nate sometimes… and sometimes they called him ‘Jelly Roll.’

Icy: How much do you know about her?


hall-bunchIcy’s family


Icy was born on a Sunday in Ittawamba, MS.  She weighed about 5 lbs., had blue eyes, golden blond hair and a ‘hot’ temperament.

She had 7 brothers and 3 sisters.  She said Harve was the nicest of the  brothers.  Doc was the youngest and was a bit spoiled.  They had to share everything.

hall-reunion-icyLeft to Right:  Doc, Sara, ___?, Icy, Cheryl (back), ___?  (Email me please on this!)

One of the fads she remembers from growing up was that they would look in the water on the first day of May to see who we were going to marry.  They told fortunes with a key in the Bible.  The key was supposed to turn to give them their answers.

She wanted to be a school teacher when she grew up.  They had an organ, and she said she always wanted to play it but never learned how.

Her favorite games were hide and seek and ball.  Her favorite toy was a china doll.  She didn’t like sports much, so she never sledded, went skiing or skating.

Her parents didn’t play with them much.  Her father died when she was 6 and her mother had no time to spare, due to taking care of the children and all.  She did teach Icy to cook though, when she was very young.  She learned first to cook corn bread and sugar cookies.  And she said she never had a cooking disaster!  Her favorite food was her grandma’s chocolate pies and also fried fish.

Her chores were pickin’ cotton, hoeing, drying apples and fruit, weaving cloth, and making homemade soap.

Candy was a penny a piece, so you could get 25 for a quarter.  When she earned a little money, she remembers buying a kelly green sweater, but it was hard to get ahold of any money in those days.

She had a pet sheep named Lee.  It was special to her because it minded her so well.

Her best friend was Earle Allred.  They always played well together.  The big bully was Stuart Benick.  He was mean to her.

She never had a room to herself growing up.  There were 13 people in their house.  They warmed the house with a fireplace in the Winter and they air conditioned the house by opening a window!

Santa would come to visit at Christmas and leave candy and fruit in their stockings.

Icy was 19 years old when she learned to drive.  Nathan taught her.  She never had her own car.

On weekends, her and her friend would go to ice cream suppers, candy breakings and singings.  She never had a pajama party!  She never teased her teachers or played jokes on them.  And she never played hooky!

She was on the school ball team.  Baseball.  She said they called it country and town.  In town when you batted and country when you were out in the field.

She said they had lots of homework.  She went to school from 8 to 4.

She said her wedding day was horrible!  They got their license at the wrong place.  They were married on the railroad tracks and she remembers they got stuck in the mud!  Her mother didn’t even get to see them because they had a lot of people waiting to see them.

For their honeymoon, they went to an Aunt’s house.  An Aunt she had never met!  And her Aunt had a lot of children.

Later, when Icy had her own kids:

She said Sara was a cute baby, but very stubborn (imagine that…)!  She said one time she took her shoes off and wouldn’t pick them up, so Icy had to take her hands and make her pick them up!

While We Are On The Subject of Macho…

wilson-men-and-pursesDave (at another wedding…) and Larry (1959)

Two photos I merged together, “just for fun!”  Aren’t they cute?

Joe, Dave and the Flowers

It was a special occasion.  Squeeky was getting married!  (Squeeky is “little Clynese’s” nickname and she  is the younger daughter of Dick and Teen, named after her Aunt Clynese.)

Much of the family had gathered together for the happy event and, as with all weddings, everyone was hustling around trying to make everything perfect.  Everything was perfect except for the weather and the flowers.

The weather was horrible, just awful and the wilted flowers looked absolutely pitiful!   They decided that someone needed to make an emergency run to the store for some fresher flowers.  Dave and Sara had come up for the wedding and Joe and Geneva were there as well.   So, Dave and Joe were just standing there!  They could go, someone decided!  So off they went!

But there was one problem.   Dave had forgotten his dress shoes so he had borrowed some of Joe’s “size 12” shoes.  The shoes were “way too big!”   Have you ever tried to walk in shoes that were just too big for your feet?  Not an easy task.  Dave had to sorta “scoot or shuffle along” to keep his feet in the shoes because he had no heel for holding on!” 

Because of the weather and slick floor in the store, Joe was afraid that Dave was going to fall, so he had ahold of his arm.  They located the flowers they needed and worked their way to the counter, with Dave sliding his feet along the floor carefully.

The cashier looked at the two men curiously and sensing what she was thinking, Joe blurted out, “We’re getting married.”   Dave turned to Joe, smiled a gushy smile and grabbed Joe’s hand, to play along with the joke.  He may have even said something like, “…that’s right, Dear or we’re very happy..!”     Who knows!  Something mushy, most likely.  Well…. they thought they were going to have to call the paramedics.  The poor, shocked lady began choking, stammering and sputtering, not knowing what to do or say!

One can only imagine the sight!    Two macho men clinging to each other, talking marriage, clutching a big bouquet of flowers.

joe_dave_train1Joe and Dave

Dick had passed on before Clynese’s wedding, sadly… so Uncle Jimmy proudly stood in for him, to walk Squeeky down the isle.  An honorable man for an honorable privilege.  But that is Jimmy… a constant source of support for everyone.

jimsqk-walking2Jimmy and his neice, Clynese (Squeeky to all that love her…)

Anyway, the wedding went beautifully, and everything was perfect, including the fresh flowers that the “happy, soon-to-be-married, very macho but cute couple”  had brought back from the store!


A Couple of Our Military Men

Sara’s grandson, Richard, (Lee’s son), served a tour in Iraq.  He followed in the footsteps of his father, Hugh, who served in Vietnam.


richard_iraqRichard (left front)

Richard  honorably served with the 204th Military Police, Bladerunners in Baghdad, Iraq for a one year tour as an MP.  Richard was there during the period of time Saddam was captured:  an extremely violent time to be there.  We thank God he is now home safe with us, enjoying his beautiful new baby girl.

richard_armyRichard (right) in Iraq

richard_home-for-ChristmasRichard, finally home for Christmas!

Hugh (Photo Below) was stationed in Phi Bui, Vietnam with the 101st Airborne.  His treacherous job was to patrol the jungles, rivers, and deny the enemy access into Phi Bui.  This duty was a result of the successful capturing of Phi Bui in 1968.  Hugh honorably served his country in Vietnam from January 1971 to December, 1971.

Hugh and Lee (Sara and Dave’s oldest daughter), have a daughter, Chaundra;  a son, Richard (pictured above) and Teresa, their youngest daughter.


Both men saw combat during their time in service.  They served their country well.  We are all incredibly proud of both of them and will forever be grateful to them for their service and great sacrifice.  Words are, as always, so insufficient in expressing gratitude for all that “they and hundreds of thousands of others” have given.


adrian_armyjacketThis is Teresa’s son, Adrian, who is very proud of his grandfather and uncle!

Ron and Cindy’s Precious Granddaughter and Family

Ronny (Ron) is Sara and Dave’s middle son.  He is married to his best friend, Cindy and they have two sons, Nick and Wesly (Wes).  Nick is married to Debbie and their beautiful daughter is Callie (pictured below).
Callie, Ronny & Cindy's beautiful granddaughter (Nick & Debbie's little girl)

Callie, Nick & Debbie's little girl; Grandparents: Ron & Cindy; G Grandparents: Dave and Sara; GG Grandparents: Nathan and Icy

wes-schoolWes (Ron and Cindy’s youngest son) attending college and Air Force bound!


HEY RON!  HELP!  I need photos!

Nathan Becomes a Barber

barber-poleAfter he retired, Nathan had Sara’s husband, Dave, take him to Nashville to take a test for obtaining a license to cut hair.  After working for the Southern Railroad for over 30 years as a Watchman, he was ready for a change.  And there was nobody else he wanted to take him other than Dave.  He liked the man his daughter had chosen, enjoyed his company and it was Dave he chose to share this particular experience with.

nathan_barber-shirtNathan had cutbarber hair for people in the neighborhood for years for .25 cents per cut (…wouldn’t you like to get that deal today?)  He wanted to work in a barber shop though, and needed a license to do that.

They drove to Nashville.  Nathan was so nervous that he had to steady his scissors against his comb to keep his hands from shaking so much, even though he had cut hair most all his life. He could cut hair blind-folded!

Nathan was an extremely smart man but it had been a while since he had taken any kind of a test.  He was only able to go to school through the 8th or 9th grade because he was needed on the farm.  But, not to worry!  He passed the test with flying colors and was awarded his license that day.

Dave said he was as excited as a little kid… all the way home!

Larry and Mandy’s Beautiful Family

Larry is Sara and Dave’s oldest son. 


Larry’s always been a good lookin’ kid.  He looked like a little man when he was little.   And Mandy, his wife, is absolutely beautiful… they should have had a dozen kids, as pretty as their girls are!  (Now, don’t let this photo throw you!  Ha.  They were just having fun!)

larryfunny-family-pictureLarry is going to KILL ME but this is the only family photo I have!

Above Photo, Left to Right:  Shelby, Larry, Mandy and Kassi  (sorry, Mandy… but I love this photo!) (Brandi, the oldest daughter, is married and shown below as a baby)    Larry, send me some photos and I will replace this one…. if you want me to, or we can leave it up for fun, if you don’t mind!  Your call!   ; = )  But it’s a great photo!  Really!

icy_larry_sara_brandiLeft to Right:  Larry, Icy, Sara, Brandi (Larry’s oldest daughter)

dave_kassi_1990Dave with his granddaughter, Kassi in 1990


Kassi (above) and Shelby (below)



Beautiful girl!  Should’ve had a dozen!

Sweet Uncle Dick


Teresa and Mike’s Family

Teresa is Johnny and Verna’s oldest daughter


Teresa and Mike’s children are Billy, April and Melissa.

Billy and Jes have a son, Mason, and a new baby (details unknown)

April and Dustin have a son, Cameron.

Melissa has two girls, Brittany, 13 and Kendall.

Teresa recently finished her master’s degree!  Yeah!

I am looking for everyone…. ‘after seeing this pitiful post with no photos,’ to send me their favorite pictures and details so we can see everyone’s beautiful face!


Sunday, August 1962.  All dressed up for church! 

Front Row Left to Right:  Debbie, Teresa, Cheryl, Larry

Back Row Left to Right:  Icy and Michael

Nathan Goes To The Doctor


doctor Nathan had to go to the doctor.  Or at least was told by his wife, Icy, that it was time for him to go to the doctor.  “I guess it’s time,” he thought.   So reluctantly, but obediently,  he went.

The doctor must have been running behind.  Obviously, way behind!  He was probably delivering a baby…

It was extremely quiet in the doctor’s office, except of the ticking of the clock. It’s hands slowly ticked off the seconds… More and more time slipped by.

Nathan fidgeted and waited for what seemed like forever  for his name to be called.   He felt like he had waited for hours and finally decided that he had waited long enough!

He decided to just head on home.  As he was leaving through the hallway, he looked up and there was Dr. Holmes!  Dr Holmes said “Well, hello Mr. Wright!  How are you?” Nathan tipped his hat and said, How-dee-doo, Dr Holmes.  I’m fine, thank you for askin’.  And you…?” And then he left the doctor’s office and drove home.

He said nothing to Icy when he returned home.  He just proceeded to go about his business.

Later,  Icy ran into Dr Holmes and asked about her husband’s visit. The doctor, surprised at her assumption that he had recently seen Mr. Wright for a check-up, told her that Mr Wright had not been in lately (forgetting about the incidental meeting in the hallway).

“There must be a mistake,” Icy thought. Puzzled, she went home to ask her husband about the visit.   She said “Nathan, I thought you said you saw the doctor?”

Nathan truthfully stated, “I did see him!  I said hello to him in the hall.”


Dr. James E. Holmes, Dec. 1982

This is Dr. James E. Holmes, the Wright Family Doctor (photo taken Dec. 1982)



always a tiny little thing and so very sweet. An Angel…

teen-couch3Teen (left front)

Tiny, sweet, an angel…. that’s how you describe Haselteen.  Everyone calls her “Teen.” Her and her big brother, Jimmy, have always stuck together like glue… from their childhood days until now.  They have always been close and depended on each other.  She’s the baby of the family and he looks out for her.

Teen is the “angel” of the family, the glue that holds things together, since Icy passed on.  She is the matriarch of the family now, standing in for “Moma” and “Mamaw Icy.”

Teen has a “red phone” to God.  If you have a special need, you call Teen and ask her to pray.  God has an attentive ear for her prayers and “prayers are answered in a powerful way” when Teen prays for you.  I know He listens to everyone’s prayers, but she’s extra special, I think.  Maybe because she has wings.

We always tease her, telling her that we don’t know how in the world she can get dresses with her heavenly wings in the way!  It must be hard to get them tucked in…

She’s an “Angel.”


Clynese and the Beans


Our Clynese is a very smart, talented and absolutely gorgeous, redhead. She is the oldest of the children, and an ageless beauty.

Those close to her called her ‘poodle.’  Because she was the oldest, she had a different sort of relationship with her mother, Icy.  They were more like best  friends.  Icy and Clynese did a lot of things together, like going to town or shopping.  Talking and sharing things came easy for them.  But one very unusual night… they clashed a bit!

Icy had just snapped a big, fresh pot of beans and had them soaking in the kitchen.  Clynese had planned to go out with some of her friends.  She popped into the kitchen on evening to tell Icy that she was going to go out for the evening.  There was just one hitch in her plans.  Icy wasn’t in sync with Clynese’s idea to go out.  Icy responded by telling her she needed her to stay home…

clynese_icy1Perhaps because they were close like friends, Clynese thought she could do as she wished and not get on the bad side of her mother.  She protested!

She said, “I am a grown woman with 3 kids.  You can’t tell me what to do!”

That’s when it happened.  Icy suddenly picked up the big pot of soaking beans… and soaked her daughter from head to toe with it.  Then she said what most mothers have said sometime in their life… at one time or another to their children…  something along the lines of,  “I’m still your mother and if I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it!”

And, if you knew Icy, you would know that…

                        splash…Clynese dried off and stayed home that night.


The Little Old Lady with Cold Feet

She saw this very  fragile elderly lady sitting in the hall crying on a visit to a nursing home (or old folk’s home, as they used to call them) one day…


Geneva, naturally drawn to the lady, asked her why she was crying and the lady told her that her feet were always so cold that they ached.

Geneva, without hesitating, sat down in the hall and took off her warm socks.  She then pulled the lady’s shoes off and put the socks on her cold feet.

Warms the heart, doesn’t it?


Geneva literally gave someone “the socks off her feet, because she needed them.” And she is always ready with a smile, to offer a kind word of encouragement to make one’s day go better!

Bless you, Geneva!


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