Nathan Goes To The Doctor


doctor Nathan had to go to the doctor.  Or at least was told by his wife, Icy, that it was time for him to go to the doctor.  “I guess it’s time,” he thought.   So reluctantly, but obediently,  he went.

The doctor must have been running behind.  Obviously, way behind!  He was probably delivering a baby…

It was extremely quiet in the doctor’s office, except of the ticking of the clock. It’s hands slowly ticked off the seconds… More and more time slipped by.

Nathan fidgeted and waited for what seemed like forever  for his name to be called.   He felt like he had waited for hours and finally decided that he had waited long enough!

He decided to just head on home.  As he was leaving through the hallway, he looked up and there was Dr. Holmes!  Dr Holmes said “Well, hello Mr. Wright!  How are you?” Nathan tipped his hat and said, How-dee-doo, Dr Holmes.  I’m fine, thank you for askin’.  And you…?” And then he left the doctor’s office and drove home.

He said nothing to Icy when he returned home.  He just proceeded to go about his business.

Later,  Icy ran into Dr Holmes and asked about her husband’s visit. The doctor, surprised at her assumption that he had recently seen Mr. Wright for a check-up, told her that Mr Wright had not been in lately (forgetting about the incidental meeting in the hallway).

“There must be a mistake,” Icy thought. Puzzled, she went home to ask her husband about the visit.   She said “Nathan, I thought you said you saw the doctor?”

Nathan truthfully stated, “I did see him!  I said hello to him in the hall.”


Dr. James E. Holmes, Dec. 1982

This is Dr. James E. Holmes, the Wright Family Doctor (photo taken Dec. 1982)

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