always a tiny little thing and so very sweet. An Angel…

teen-couch3Teen (left front)

Tiny, sweet, an angel…. that’s how you describe Haselteen.  Everyone calls her “Teen.” Her and her big brother, Jimmy, have always stuck together like glue… from their childhood days until now.  They have always been close and depended on each other.  She’s the baby of the family and he looks out for her.

Teen is the “angel” of the family, the glue that holds things together, since Icy passed on.  She is the matriarch of the family now, standing in for “Moma” and “Mamaw Icy.”

Teen has a “red phone” to God.  If you have a special need, you call Teen and ask her to pray.  God has an attentive ear for her prayers and “prayers are answered in a powerful way” when Teen prays for you.  I know He listens to everyone’s prayers, but she’s extra special, I think.  Maybe because she has wings.

We always tease her, telling her that we don’t know how in the world she can get dresses with her heavenly wings in the way!  It must be hard to get them tucked in…

She’s an “Angel.”


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