Clynese and the Beans


Our Clynese is a very smart, talented and absolutely gorgeous, redhead. She is the oldest of the children, and an ageless beauty.

Those close to her called her ‘poodle.’  Because she was the oldest, she had a different sort of relationship with her mother, Icy.  They were more like best  friends.  Icy and Clynese did a lot of things together, like going to town or shopping.  Talking and sharing things came easy for them.  But one very unusual night… they clashed a bit!

Icy had just snapped a big, fresh pot of beans and had them soaking in the kitchen.  Clynese had planned to go out with some of her friends.  She popped into the kitchen on evening to tell Icy that she was going to go out for the evening.  There was just one hitch in her plans.  Icy wasn’t in sync with Clynese’s idea to go out.  Icy responded by telling her she needed her to stay home…

clynese_icy1Perhaps because they were close like friends, Clynese thought she could do as she wished and not get on the bad side of her mother.  She protested!

She said, “I am a grown woman with 3 kids.  You can’t tell me what to do!”

That’s when it happened.  Icy suddenly picked up the big pot of soaking beans… and soaked her daughter from head to toe with it.  Then she said what most mothers have said sometime in their life… at one time or another to their children…  something along the lines of,  “I’m still your mother and if I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it!”

And, if you knew Icy, you would know that…

                        splash…Clynese dried off and stayed home that night.


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