Messick High School History

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THE FIRST CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL IN SHELBY COUNTY, was organized in 1908, and composed of the elementary schools of Buntyn, Fleece Station, and Avlon. It was named for the Superintendent of County Schools, Miss Elizabeth Messick, now Mrs. Elizabeth Messick Houck.

The First Principal was Miss Daisy Porter, who served for one year. She was followed by Miss Rubie Batte, who gave fourteen Years to building Messick into the fine school it is today. She left to become County Supervisor. Her place was filled by Miss Nina C. Rickman, who served one year.


In 1923, Mr. Ernest C. Ball , now Superintendent of Memphis City Schools, was made principal and stayed with us until 1928. Under Him Messick grew in importance, being accredited by the Southern Association of College and Secondary Schools, and the State Department of Education. When Mr. Ball left, in mid-term of 1928, Mr. Elliott, finished the school year. He was followed by Miss Fletcher, who held office for one year.

So many fond memories….




In 1930, concurrent with Messick’s change of status from county school to city high school, Mr. T. H. Grinter, coming from Lennox, took over, and has held the chief’s post here for seventeen years, longer than any other principal. He is assisted by Miss Anne Hunt, one of Messick’s mentors since 1918, having served under six principals. Chiefly due to these two, Messick has become what it is today. And if you don’t think Messick is a great school, just ask anyone who goes there.

messick-logo1messick-pic1(Copied from 1948 Messick Annual and

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