Elvis In The 50’s

In 1954, Elvis walks into Sun Studio and records the song, ‘My Happiness’ as a gift for his mother. The owner, Sam Phillips, is away so his assistant, Marion Keisker, handles the recording. She saves the tape for Sam to hear. When Sam calls Elvis back, he pairs him with Scotty Moore and Bill Black. Nothing really happens until after a long tedious session on July 4, the trio breaks into a sped-up version of Arthur Crudup’s “That’s All Right”. This song paired with a livened up version of Bill Monroe’s ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ would be the first of five singles Elvis would release on the Sun label.

By 1956, Elvis is a sensation. His first million seller is ‘HeartBreak Hotel’.   He performs on The Ed Sullivan Show, among others, and causes quite a controversy over his movement on stage.



The Sensational Elvis


Elvis in 1950


Elvis at the Claridge Hotel in Memphis

Elvis at the Claridge Hotel in Memphis


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