The Facial

beauty-treatmentClynese and Sara decided to settle in for the evening and have some “girl time.”  Clynese had dreamed up this idea of mixing up a concoction for a beauty mask.

You know… a sister thing.  A reason to spend time together.  “It’ll be fun!”

Well, she threw everything in the mix but the kitchen sink.  They smeared it all over their faces.


They were having a ball!

Then, all of a sudden, someone knocks at the door!

Clynese, being the lady she is, was horrified.  She couldn’t be seen like this!  Who could it be?  They weren’t expecting anyone!


“So now what do we do, Sara?  You go to the door!  I can’t go to the door like this, Clynese screeched!”  Sara screeched back, “Well, I’m in the same condition!  I can’t go to the door either!”

Neither could figure out “who in the world” would be knockin at their door.  Several people ran through their minds as they argued about who would be the one to go to the

         ….could it be a male friend? 

Could it be a delivery man with a package?

man-knocking-at-door Well… it really didn’t matter.  The door had to be opened!

Big sister ranked higher on the ladder so it was Sara who had to open the door.

They may not remember who was on the other side of the door, but they certainly remember the fun they had together that evening.  Two sisters sharing an evening together, being silly and having fun as only sisters can have with each other!

Clynese with baby sister, Sara

Clynese with baby sister, Sara

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