Singing to the Baney Roosters


Jimmy was such a good little boy.  Never got into any kind of  trouble.  He was a quiet boy and sometimes would just disappear…

The Wrights had ‘baney roosters’ for a time.  And little Jimmy was crazy about  those roosters.

Whenever they couldn’t find him, all they had to do was look outside and there Jimmy would be…






….singing to the roosters!


Jimmy wasn’t any bigger than a minute!  Perhaps he related to the roosters because they were “small but mighty” too!


What is a baney rooster?

Banty is the common name for a Bantam.  Bantams are simply small chickens, but they can be of a number of varieties.  They are bred to be small, whatever the variety.  The Banty roosters can be quite colorful, depending on type, and sometimes very aggressive, as though they are trying to make up in fierceness what they lack in size.  Here are a few examples of Banty roosters:

Want to read about roosters?  Go here:

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